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Once that is done, the new NiStingExtraData should be selected for you. Follow Posting Rules• Many unique and customizable displays, including the option to switch between male and female armor wardrobes Get the mod. If not, the location is given on the mod page, of course. If you are brand new to modding work through this before asking where to start. You'll be able to care for your cat, purchase beds and collars, and take it with you on adventures as a follower. Ternview Hall This snowy home is located in the Skaal Village, so be sure to keep warm. If not, feel free to join our and community members or I will try our best to help you : Q: Where are you from? One of the reasons I can't upload a converted file, as I use bodyslide to modify the schlong shape. This house definitely stands out, and even has a dwemer-style gear turning on the outside of the house. General Rules• Great lighting, great water look and just absolutely polished approach to ENB tweaking in general - that's all about Rudy's preset. Introducing Realm of Lorkhan: a huge new realm in which your character creation takes place. Canalside Bunker The Canalside Bunker is fully of overgrown plants, unique art, and much more. nif-files in folder and sub-folders , and use Command Prompt to run Nifscan. I'm a Mass Communications graduate with a specialization in Marketing, as well as a hardcore gamer. Being a Khajiit makes it an obvious choice for an immersive companion. You can choose to set off with little to your name in any of the major cities, begin the game with an owned property, or as a new member of a guild, to name a few choices. And there's very high chance that your came will crash because the Papyrus, Skyrim's script engine, was [not] updated in SE and it's same clunky and limited , even if the game itself is absolutely stable. Completely free, and extremely accessible to low-level characters by being located in Whiterun• You may not post about questions that are answered in the FAQ• A: One of the main goals of the guide always was to keep your game stable. Load the existing BSA, select all contents, choose use folder button, and unpack. When you'll be browsing the ENB presets for Skyrim SE, you may get the feeling that not all, yet many of them are very similar to each other. Graphics mods will ofc work fine in most of cases, but as for the gameplay mods, there is no guarantee that they will work with non-English version of the game, or work at all. It's very easy to install and use. Almost all mods can and should be installed via mod manager. Weather mods compatibility: Vanilla. So often it may happen you find an ENB preset greatly fitting your taste, but with terrible for your taste DOF. Inspired by Grim and Somber ENB in Skyrim LE, this preset is cinematic, dark and grim. There is very little left to the imagination here. Auto bookshelves, shield and weapon displays, planters• Very vibrant preset with indeed somewhat "prismatic" look which may be a good choice for people who love saturated presets. Features:• i wanted to play around with another elf race but mess with different and darker textures adn tones i dont normally run with. Easy-to-use tool to convert meshes from LE to SE and backwards as well. The role-playing game, from developer Bethesda, is ripe for this type of change, though many people aren't exactly thrilled about it. The entire mod covers all dialogue in the vanilla game — and this includes all of the DLC and expansions too! Features:• Caliente's Beautiful Body Edition CBBE Link Of course, not a single NSFW mod would be possible without CBBE, which adds in the perfect foundation for NPC and character animations and looks. Filters• My goal is a complete guide to save other people time that they can have a complete base list of mods for ultrarealistic graphics and challenging, nextgen gameplay, knowing how much these mods will affect on performance and in what order they should install the mods, which are compatible and which are not, etc. the walk of shame still gave me CTD though in whiterun and to my experience only that punishment gave me CTD in whiterun even before the new port so i guess it carried over? My MCM config settings SUM, POP, DDe for players that do not want to bother setting their own. The new CK archive tool, archive. So as you can see, 2k textures actually use x4 more VRAM compared to 1k, and 4k use x16 more VRAM, which is absolutely insane. 2k is perfect option for 1920 and even higher 2k monitors. Yes, this guide is made for ALL rigs - no matter if your PC srong, not that much or a complete potato - you can find recommendations, and build best possible modded game. Read it and install all the things needed before starting to install mods themselves. If you promote piracy or seek help in modding a pirated game you will be banned. The Capital Whiterun Expansion mod expands Skyrim's central major city by adding two new districts which include 14 new buildings and 22 new NPCs which blend nicely into what vanilla Whiterun has to offer. Base game content-wise, SE and LE are identical. Yet, it's giving a really fresh touch to Skyrim trees look and definitely worth a try. Features:• Tons of new sliders available through Racemenu to edit things to your liking• Marco Ibarra Born in the first half of the 90s, video games have been a part of my life ever since I was introduced to Age of Empires I by my dad. This references the xml that defines? There are a wide variety of body meshes and armors that are NSFW. On a search for the coolest Khajiit mods on the web? Project Sekirei Sexy Japanese Clothes Link There are millions of people out there who find the Japanese to be incredibly exotic and sexy. have you tried to overwrite 3. This will open a big list of stuff. You can, ofc just disable it in ENB GUI, but there's a better thing - you actually can use [any] DOF with [any] ENB preset! That's why you need it even if you never actually crafted a single thing in Skyrim - because now it's not that dull crafting system. A successor to very popular PRT ENB, NAT ENB is an incredibly cinematic ENB preset with unique filmic touch. Not officially supported, but looking pretty fine with - NAT, Vivid, Rustic, Aequinoctium. Download Vortex Nexus Mod Manager. dll files to your Skyrim root folder where Skyrim exe is. I'm confused I hope someone has an answer to this. With 10 hair options, 5 eyes, 3 hair colors, and 4 body types, you can truly get anything you want from this particular mod. As the name suggests, this house also includes its own mine for you to explore. Huge mod that greatly improves a lot of texture for all types of dungeons. Whatever you want - it is here ; Just read a bit further. Unbound will spawn you randomly, so less "immersive" start, but it allows you highly adjustable character customization gear, spells etc which ASLAL doesn't, and the most important - it allows you to play as NON-Dragonborn but you can "become" it in MCM anytime , which is really a great option. Select "Mod Manager Download" on the correct file s you need for the mod. You can even choose from smaller or larger breast sizes. Features:• Not every ENB preset provides it - usually you can choose it in ENB GUI like in Rudy ENB, for example. StorageUtil variables manipulation page. Mindrot's Rest This house is beautifully decorated with so many unique items you'll always find something new. Meanwhile, I'll dig through the settings to see what the heck is killing me. Latex Corset Link Steel armor is fine and all, but a latex corset just screams 'dragon-slayer'. Some of these errors may be fine in 32-bit Skyrim, but may break or cause odd side-effects in SE that will need to be fixed. esm was created in the SSE CK, not that it was done correctly. Located off the edge of Lake Ilinalta near Helgen, this house truly feels like it was made for a mage! I have no clue, but try playing around in the settings. The new Lingerie Shop will give you over 40 pieces of lingerie that offer a very specific push up effect exactly where you'd expect on female character models. Hermit's Stump Hermit's Stump surrounded by mushrooms, deer, and a magical glow. We agree with and abide by that policy. This does NOT mean such mods will destroy your performance if you don't have "NASA PC" - but it means you should install such mods carefully basically, testing ingame performance after such mod installation even on strong rigs, and avoid certain options or mods entirely on weak rigs. It just makes the movements of all Khajiit feel so realistic in some weird cat-like way, you know? Q: I saw your videos and I like that ENB, what's the name? Note: use this mod only with Skyrim Flora Overhaul or vanilla trees. The Jump Behavior Overhaul adds different kinds of jumping and landing animations that are also more fluid than their default counterparts. Lady of Death Set Link When you want to look exquisite with a brand new set of apparel that is more revealing than anything else, then the Lady of Death set could be your best choice. ENB preset I want to use requires that weather mod! This is using the MCM and the UI Extensions if installed to store and use potentially all poses available in ZAP. " This will allow you to shape the collision meshes along with the schlong if you use bodyslide to modify your schlong meshes. Be Respectful• On practice, it's also required by most of well-known mods in addition to SKSE. This chainmail bikini covers the important parts with the thick, metallic fiber, but leaves the rest open to the world. Thanks for reminding me about the translations, others have mentioned it and I wanted to fix it but I kept forgetting. Save original maps using the DXT5 format. Gaining ownership of the house is simple; just purchase the house-key from Pawned Prawn. The thing is that vanilla start scene in Helgen is VERY heavy-scripted. Mod authors generally offer information in mod descriptions on the Nexus should their files require to be configured in a set order, and there are even tools available like that can check to see if there are any problems with your setup. Using Mods• Auto night eye for the PC, vampire lord and the werewolf. MO is a mod manager packed with tons of cool features, mod manager on steroids if we can say so. Alternate Start Is it just me, or does the original start of Skyrim not seem to fit a Khajiit? If so, this mod will help a lot. Weather mods compatibility: Mythical Ages. If you play on the PC, then you already know of the massive number of NSFW Not Safe for Work game modifications that are present on various websites. That honor belongs to the Talented I only converted it for Skyrim Special Edition, and have shared it with you with their permission. If physics don't work, make sure "MaleSchlong. Mirele Bismath - The Comfy and Compact Wizard Tower The tower of Mirele Bismath located on the lake which provides for wonderful scenery. There's no "magic button" in case of TES or FO games, and it's no matter who made it - random internet person or they are distributed by some popular authors or websites - it doesn't change anything in terms or aspects listed few lines above. Nothing will be left to the imagination here. The creator of Mirele Bismath has written plenty of lore about the Dunmer previously from Morrowind who used to occupy this tower. Dramatic lighting, unique item shelves, and plenty of displays for your treasures• No Memes• Toggle Khajiit Night Eye This mod allows you to use the Night Eye ability of the Khajiit whenever you see fit. Features:• You'll have to do that for some outfits. Even Nexus itself should have modpacks soon! DSR is superior to any of them, but the most fps-hungry due to how it works. Teleports to vanilla player houses, and a spell to return to Severin Manor from anywhere• Located near a large waterfall north of Ivarstead, this house has tons of space for you and your companions while making you money at the same time! ini and placing a new ones into Skyrim root directory. Chainmail Bikini Link Again, less is more. This texture pack can be basically considered a "vanilla plus" retexturing project. Tel Mos is a small home in the Telvanni style, with some Dwemer mixed in as well. It greatly improves both models and textures of the trees, giving more lush and detailed look, while sticking to original appearance of the trees at the same time, and adding some trees here and there. An ENB preset for Vivid Weathers author for Vivid Weathers mod. Zebsirious - Tamrielic Races of Skyrim One of the new playable races added with this mod: the ancient Snow Elf. Weather mods compatibility: Obsidian, NAT. Also you can check the videos at my YT channel to see how game can look when fully-modded. Smooth Male Body Link Instead of having a rough male character, this mod gives every male NPC in the game the chance to have silky smooth skin. It will open a tab, just hit ok. Vibrant fantasy ENB preset of a great quality. But you can also have it set up on a road if you like, pretty much anywhere you can drum up business. This will create the much-needed. MO2 might require it but you're using Vortex. To make guide navigation easier, I placed guide sections into so called "spoilers" - when you see "Show" button - just click on it to expand corresponding group of mods. Install what you like and don't install what you don't like : Lastly, there are pre-made mod lists for you to mimic. Faction Management With this feature the player can manage all PC and NPC factions. Interactive items such as candles to light, places to eat, and readings books• Guide also has so called "modules" - a premade mod lists don't confuse with mod packs please for different tastes and goals - which you only need to mimic, without worrying about incompatibiities and other issues. Weather mods compatibility: Obsidian, NAT, Dolomite, Aequinoctium, Mythical Ages, Vivid, Cathedral. This unlocks the full potential of Skyrim and its modding community, enabling for a more stable experience. Single room with plenty of storage and containers• Features:• SUM give me a message that im tampering with the restraints and proceed to kill me strangling and breaking arm messages. A question, if someone can shred a light: I have installed mod with custom race Chiss which is fun to play, it adds bunch of new NPC, quests and such - makes the game more fun to play. Currently, more than 200 mods are marked already, meaning that's literally more than 200 mods you can merge straight away, and I will expand this gradually. Best to let original author fix these issues. It's a new cool feature, so maybe we don't need to merge mods at all anymore? use the following search parameters to narrow your results: subreddit: subreddit find submissions in "subreddit" author: username find submissions by "username" site: example. Winterhold Retreat The views from the bedroom are breathtaking in this house, with a completely open area overlooking the water. ENB is a graphical enhancement engine that adds visual affects that are not supported by the game initially, at all. Q: I'm a mod author - I've made a cool mod and it's still not in your guide! I won't be able to give any troubleshooting support for non-English versions. Download the archive somewhere, unpack it. burgerbar publisherDetails:not. Almost every single mod is compatible, too, so you can enjoy the sleek, slender look of your characters with any armor. 2 versions of the house: one with auto-sorted storage containers, and one without• Honestly more than I originally gave them credit for. Actually, you'll not need to read and lean more than this to use it, but if something is unclear or you want to look at very in-depth guide, check this awesome. In many cases, if something is not right - it will let you know and it will advise you. Make sure to cap your fps at 59 in enblocal. Essential mod that drastically increases amount of map markers. exe , not the game regular launcher. Features:• Updating to the Latest Version 1. com" url: text search for "text" in url selftext: text search for "text" in self post contents self:yes or self:no include or exclude self posts nsfw:yes or nsfw:no include or exclude results marked as NSFW e. The armor shows off plenty of cleavage and thongs. Mods listed below are not compatible with it and don't need it. Retexture of aspen trees for a more realistic and diverse look. Consider it a basic invisible evolution element of Skyrim. Temptress Race Link The Temptress race will allow the player to select a custom race at the beginning of the game. It has the classic Solitude architecture you would expect, and you can even hire a bard and a steward for your home. Proper antialiasing, real HDR, qualitative bloom, ambient fog effects, various new shaders, ambient occlusion, complex particle lighting, depth of field and much-much more. Use to check for problems and to update meshes. Also im on a new game not on an ongoing game all hard requirements are installed and running no optional requirement are installed Also im on a new game not on an ongoing game all hard requirements are installed and running no optional requirement are installed And here I've been, trying to figure out what's been killing me! A custom made shrine to the All-Maker on one of two balconies Get the mod. It just feels a bit… weird to see a Khajiit in such a bizarre situation. It may help you in various cases of game testing and possible issues solving. Yes, it's hosted in Skyrim LE sections and yes, it does work with SE absolutely fine : You will need this if you'll make really heavy load order and reach the 255 plugins. Highlight everything, click on the "meshes" tab, right-click on on "SchlongCollision", then "Copy Selected Weights". A cold, also vanilla-friendly, well-balanced and a bit cinematic ENB preset. New meshes, feet and hands improved Beast races supported. Features:• As a result, it will be corrected that the higher the difficulty, the less damage will be caused to the followers and the summoned actors. Now choose one from the next 3 mods which are retexturing Nordic dungeons somehow "forgotten" by big mods before, or just doing it better: My absolute favorite between Nordic retexturing mods - the level of details is just astonishing. The Enhanced Lights and FX mod makes all light sources emit light while adding new water reflections, candle smoke FX and even some new lantern bugs around Riften. Normal maps may need to be updated using DXT5 compression. Note 2: MO2 users can try to download and use instead. It's disadvantage is it has plenty of unnecessary 4k texture where it's absolutely not needed - not the best optimization, in other words. The biggest problem of heavy-modded games, script overload, didn't go anywhere in SE, unfortunately - game script engine, Papyrus, was not changed and having too many script-heavy mods may break even the most stable game. Set where you want mods to be installed. Note 1: Make double sure to clean all base game master files Update. Note 3 if you'll be noticing you're clearly going above 255 active. A: The guide is made for original, i. 2 Get only Noble 3 Get the Skyland and overwrite with Pfusher's packs. The link now is temporary, as it's the newest release that fixes some bugs - so track the itself from time to time to see if the newer version is uploaded at the mod page. As mod itself, SkyUI is basically a "PCfication" of ugly vanilla Skyrim interface. IMPORTANT NOTE 1: Kortex mod manager was tested by myself for working properly - I liked it, just don't personally prefer it over MO2 or NMM. Separate section for low-end PC owners which you can still use even if your PC is strong, to have FPS boost. However, there is another community out there that absolutely loves to make their game a bit more, ahem, realistic and busty. A: You technically can ofc, but that's not mandatory. This is a sub centered around the discussion of modding and creating mods. Requirements• Interactive features, like fireplaces you can toggle on or off• My advice atm is, if really want to, track it and test it by modding some other games with much simplier modding stages. Modding Skyrim: Modder's Edition Use this and the CK Wiki together to start creating! From that point, you can either play the game as is, which will lead to glitchy gameplay and eventually a lot of wasted time, or you'll have to go to point zero and learn about all the mod in the modpack yourself, basically, doing what you had to to from the very beginning, but once again, wasting some time. Have you ever been annoyed that the candlelight spell is much brighter in 3rd person view than 1st person view? When transferring existing plugins from Skyrim 2011 to Skyrim Special Edition SE , there are a few important changes to consider. In NIFSkope, open the schlong mesh you just used Bodyslide on. Comfortable and easy-to-navigate design. MCM toggle not working, as mentioned by. Optionally but very recommended as it's just looks so much more alive and beautiful install mod for it. The decorations and items in this house are certainly some of the most unique and well-done I have seen. I would test it without recompiling scripts, most of the time, they don't need to be. Khajiit Ear Rings We all know probably that the Khajiit are to Skyrim what gypsies are to Europe, and this Khajiit Ear Rings mod just fits them all too well. CCOR is reworking all vanilla craft recipes, offers many options for mining, chopping, smelting and so on - simply making everything crafting-related to be logical and really interesting. - Feel free to correct anything or ask for clarification. That's 31 new spells for each school, alongside staves and wands, that contribute to making spellcasters a viable choice even without going down the Destruction or Conjuration paths. BSA repack Old archive files are not compatible with SE. TAA is looking very good, but often causes weird "ghosting" artifacts when moving. I mean, we all know that Skyrim characters have always seemed to lack emotion. Birthsigns have returned, choose which one your character is born under• Realtime visitor capacity upgrades• Thankfully, this game modification will allow you to cut down those pestering little brats and take whatever they have in their tiny pockets. Also all the npcs and my charater no longer carryout any animations, including walking, when i have it installed. " Blood and Gore Mods Enhanced Blood Link When it comes to NSFW mods, not everything has to do with sex - though the vast majority does. So make a good habit now - never use this button. Q: Can you just upload your Skyrim folder with all your mods somewhere so I can just download it and not to choose and install mods one by one? It fixes litereally thousands glitches and bugs in Skyrim. If you allready have it - great. Select a mod you wish to install and choose "Install". Alternate Start - Live Another Life - SSE The now-notorious Helgen scenario may be a great introduction to Skyrim Special Edition and its meanest Dragon, however, if you're the type of player that likes leveling multiple characters, you'll probably grow tired of it sooner or later. Soft preset also pretty close to vanilla look, with tiny fantasy touch.