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As time goes on, Senpai realizes that he doesn't dislike Nagatoro's presence, and the two of them develop an uneasy friendship as one patiently puts up with the antics of the other. Then, It imitates the form of a rock. Thank you for continuing to use Anime Simple. com Watch thousands of dubbed and subbed anime episodes in HD for free on Anime Simple, the best anime streaming website! Acquiring the form of the boy, It sets off on a never-ending journey, in search of new experiences, places, and people. " Even in another world, lives aren't always on the line. There's plenty of work to be done, from feeding the community and forging the items the community needs; as well as plenty of play. Join Rimuru and friends as they kick back and enjoy their daily lives. Having finally reached the Yeager family basement and learned about the dark history surrounding the titans, the Survey Corps have at long last found the answer they so desperately fought to uncover. However, It is able to take the shape of those around that have a strong impetus. However, their efforts were for naught, and now the boy is in a critical state. After Nagatoro and her friends stumble upon the aspiring artist's drawings, they find enjoyment in mercilessly bullying the timid Senpai. However, just as all seems well for the two cadets, their peace is suddenly shaken by the arrival of Eren Yeager and the remaining members of the Survey Corps. I got reincarnated as a slime. Added DMCA support. Finally, It gains consciousness and begins to traverse the empty tundra until It meets a boy. Slightly aroused by and somewhat fearful of Nagatoro, Senpai is constantly roped into her antics as his interests, hobbies, appearance, and even personality are used against him as she entertains herself at his expense. Consider donating via - more details in our! When an injured, lone wolf comes limping by and lays down to die, It takes on the form of the animal. High schooler Hayase Nagatoro loves to spend her free time doing one thing, and that is to bully her Senpai! With the truth now in their hands, the group set out for the world beyond the walls. As the temperature drops and snow falls atop the moss, It inherits the moss. Interested in supporting the site? Gabi Braun and Falco Grice have been training their entire lives to inherit one of the seven titans under Marley's control and aid their nation in eradicating the Eldians on Paradis. February 21, 2021 Update Thank you for continuing to support Anime Simple, we've implemented some more new features! Changelog:• Nagatoro resolves to continue her cruel game and visits him daily so that she can force Senpai into doing whatever interests her at the time, especially if it makes him uncomfortable. It, a mysterious immortal being, is sent to the Earth with no emotions nor identity. The boy lives alone in a ghost town, which the adults abandoned long ago in search of the paradise said to exist far beyond the endless sea of white tundra.。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。